Our Unique Story

Silent Circle’s team is a unique and eclectic mix of world-renowned cryptographers, Silicon Valley software engineers, German VoIP engineers, Latvian system analysts and former US Navy SEALs & British Special Air Service (SAS) security experts.

We are Silent Circle: a melting pot of talent founded upon a shared vision of bringing private and secure communications to the citizens of the world; an off-shore, international company with the goal of building the world’s first commercial custom-built encrypted communications network. This goal has included building our own security software suite and our own e-commerce platform, plus the creation of databases, security measures and internal software programs from the ground up, all with one fundamental principle in mind: SECURITY. We are putting a stake in the ground for your right to have private conversations and to conduct business without fear of compromise.

Combined, we are made up of an astrophysicist, an Internet Hall of Fame inductee, a Silver Star awardee, privacy advocates, British Special Forces communicators, a best selling author, celebrated software engineers, mathematicians, VoIP network inventors, a former SEAL sniper and one seeing-eye-dog named Sully.

We want to fight for your right to privacy. We are pushing back against the tide of surveillance. We don’t like oppressive regimes, indiscriminate wiretapping, big brother, data criminals, intellectual property theft, identity thieves or governments that persecute their citizens for saying or writing their opinions.

We understand the importance of “backing up our words with actions”, of an “awesome customer experience” and of your right – as a paying customer – to transparency. We are up front about who we are, what we have built and why it will change the way you communicate. We take these ideas seriously. We publish our source code for peer review. We believe in honest transparency, and protecting individual and business privacy. We will post the requests we get from Government, Law Enforcement and worldwide legal entities for users data. We feel strongly about telling you what we can and cannot protect you from upfront. We are a unique company made up of unique and passionate people. We know that we’ll have a target painted on us from day one – just ask Phil Zimmermann what that feels like. Finally, we promise to continually improve our products, our proprietary network and your experience of our service. You are our paying customer and our allegiance is to you. Period. Get in the Circle.

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About us

Created by a team of some of the world’s most noted cryptographers, internationally recognized security software engineers, celebrated network icons and former special operations operators, Silent Circle is a global encrypted communications service offering a comprehensive suite of simple yet secure tools for your mobile devices: encrypted video, phone, text and email. Send a private text across town or whisper in someone’s ear a thousand miles away. Silent Circle is revolutionizing how the world communicates – securely.

When a Silent Circle subscriber makes a phone call, sends a text or email or video chats with another Silent Circle member, that transmission is secured and encrypted end-to-end from your own iPhone, Android device, iPad or Windows computer on our crystal-clear secure network.